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    Beitrag  Tital am Do Feb 26, 2009 4:31 am

    1. Whats your Charaktername?

    2. Which Sky-ls you had?
    Not been in Sky LS before

    3. Why you left them?

    4.Why you wanna join us?
    Mainly for fun and to experience different parts of the game, but also to get some god gear

    5.Which jobs you have @ 75?
    Nin, Thf

    6.Which subjobs you have?
    War, Dnc, DRK (currently 69 and hope to be 75 very soon)

    7.Who do you know in the ls?
    I dont know anyone well in the ls

    8.Which items you want from sky?
    Main item is Byakko Haidate, but also Suzaku Scythe and Neptunal abjurations

    9.You understood the simple rules?
    I can probably only make Thursday runs but will come on Friday if online, hope this isnt a big problem.


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    Re: Tital

    Beitrag  Serbaroz am Do Feb 26, 2009 5:21 am

    thx for applying, marked for review.
    will talk to u ingame


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